Why use this site

First, an important note:
Even during a worldwide health crisis, a few people have played pranks and spread false information about the virus. Don’t.

This is a time where everyone needs to come together, and sending a prank message can lead to wasting time and resources that are needed to fight COVID-19.

In some countries, spreading false information can also lead to prosecution.

All of us can take action to end the coronavirus pandemic. Many of us already have.
The most important thing is to stay at home, and as much as possible, avoid contact with other people.

If you do get a diagnosis you can help your contacts by letting them know and showing them where they can get reliable, up-to-date information including where to get tested. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html

Telling contacts is important to do in the fight against infectious diseases. It helps break the chain of transmission and to flatten the curve. By telling your contacts, they can find out how to take care of themselves. If they find out that they’re infected, they can tell their contacts as well.